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Buying New vs. Used

New Mazda Vehicles

When you are shopping around looking at Manchester, NH car dealerships, let us at Werner Mazda assist you in getting behind the wheel of a new Mazda car or SUV. When you choose a new Mazda you are gaining many benefits of a new vehicle. To start, buying a new vehicle can be less time consuming and easier because you don’t have to spend as much time researching the car’s history or getting pre-purchase inspections. This means less time pulling history reports because you will be the first owner. Also, you will never have to wait for a title to come from a previous owner as our dealership will complete all of the necessary paperwork for you. If you have specific preferences, a new vehicle might be the way to go as our Mazda dealership can most likely get you the vehicle in the trim and color you are looking for, or it can be easily ordered.

In addition, buying a new Mazda allows you to receive special Finance Incentives and take advantage of specials or promotions.

Used Cars in Manchester

If buying a used car is something you are considering, we are happy to be the premier Manchester, NH car dealership that can assist you. Buying a pre-owned vehicle has a list of benefits as well. Buying used can lead to great savings. Though the interest rate can likely be higher, the amount of interest you will pay over the duration of the loan will be much lower since the vehicle is priced competitively from the start. Subsequently your monthly payments could be less as well.

Unlike new vehicles, a used car will depreciate more slowly. The moment you drive off the lot a vehicle can begin losing value but much of the vehicle’s value is lost earlier on in the first few years of ownership. By buying a pre-owned Mazda or another used vehicle, you can let the first owner take on the bigger depreciation hit, which gives you the availability to gain a lower priced vehicle that depreciates slowly as time goes on.

Keys being received by a new car owner at Werner Mazda finance center

Mazda Extended Confidence Warranty

Peace of mind is something we stand by as one of your premier Manchester, NH car dealerships. We hope that you feel confident behind the wheel of your next Mazda vehicle and for that reason Mazda offers an Extended Confidence Warranty. If you decide that a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle may be the best fit for your family, this extended warranty covers everything you’ll need once your Limited Warranty has expired. What’s even better is that this warranty is accepted nationwide and only genuine Mazda parts will be used on your vehicle. You’ll even get extended powertrain coverage including features like deductibles of $0 and $100, 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance, Advanced Diagnostics and more. Plus, it’s fully transferable. Stop in and speak to one of our sales or finance specialists to learn more about the Mazda Extended Confidence Warranty today.

Available Financing Options

As your Manchester, NH car dealership, we offer great financing options that you can take advantage of whether you buy a new Mazda or used vehicle. Our Mazda Financing Center offers great lease incentives to help with your new purchase. If you decide to go with a pre-owned vehicle, we invite you to inquire about our loan options. Many of our customers enjoy using the convenient auto loan calculator to see where they stand currently and at the end of the term. Regardless of which option you choose, we intend to stick with you each step of the way to ensure your auto finance process is easy and painless.

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We hope that you visit our Mazda dealership in Manchester as soon as possible as we continue to help guide you through your vehicle purchase. Whether you are looking for a new Mazda or used car, our team is ready to help. Although it may seem tricky to choose between new and used, we know you’ll make the right decision that works best for your lifestyle and budget. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. As your premier Manchester, NH car dealership, we’re excited to work with you soon.

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