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Buying vs Leasing

Leasing A Vehicle At Our Manchester Car Dealership

The decision to buy or lease a car depends on your driving needs and goals. Each of these options has its own advantages and benefits. At our Manchester car dealership, we provide both options for drivers throughout Manchester, NH and the surrounding communities.

Leasing a car simply means renting the vehicle for a certain period of time— usually between 1 and 3 years. This period is the car lease term, and you will be paying for the depreciation during that time. After the car lease term is over, you will return the Mazda vehicle to us. From there, you can decide whether you want to purchase your current car or lease a new one. The choice is yours!

As a lessee, you have the opportunity to drive new cars with new features when your car lease term is over. The major drawback is that you don’t own the vehicle, so you can only customize it with OEM-approved accessories. You will also have a reasonably limited amount of miles you can drive per year.

Keys being handed out at the finance center at Werner Mazda

Financing A Vehicle At Our Manchester Car Dealership

When you finance a car, that means you are buying it. One purchased, the vehicle is yours forever. You can also buy Used Cars in our showroom in Manchester, NH. We have the best inventories of used and new vehicles, and we always personalize financing plans to meet your financial capabilities. If you decide to buy a car, you obtain a car loan, trade-in your current vehicle or pay cash. The final price of the car will be settled at our Manchester auto finance department before you drive away.

As a buyer, you pay higher monthly amounts compared to a lessee. The good thing is that after you finish paying the required price, you will fully own your car.

Enjoy Extended Warranty On Both Financed And Leased Cars

Besides just the financing incentives offered to our clients, we also offer Extended Warranty for Mazda cars. At Werner Mazda, we provide warranty extension on the tire and wheel protection plans, gap protection, appearance package protection and vehicle theft protection. To see which packages you can get, check at our site on the ‘extended warranty’ section, or you can visit us at our showroom. At our Manchester car dealership, you can drive with confidence because you know you are fully covered.

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If you like driving new cars with advanced safety and technology features, the lease option is the best for you. Leasing allows you to return the car after the car lease term is up, so that you can get a new car lease term for a brand-new vehicle. Leasing a car is also more affordable for some drivers. If you want to save money and drive new cars every now and then, the lease deal is best for you. Buying is excellent if you know you are going to want to have full ownership of the vehicle.

Visit our Manchester Mazda dealership at your earliest convenience to discover all your options. If you have any additional questions about our new or used inventory, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team over the phone or online. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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