Which Is Better for Your Mazda?

OEM vs. Generic Auto Parts

Is There a Difference Between OEM and Generic Auto Parts?

It doesn’t matter what type of car you drive — at some point, you’ll need auto parts. It could be a result of auto repairs, recalls or even wanting to upgrade to a smoother ride.

But one question will pop into your mind: should you opt for OEM parts or generic car parts from random distributors?

You’ll find a few stark differences between the two types of parts. Today, we’ll take a look at what to expect when you install both sets of parts in your car.

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What Are OEM (Original Manufacturer Equipment) Parts?

It’s all in the name. OEM parts are made by your car’s manufacturer. So, in the case of your Mazda, they’re the same parts that Mazda installed back in the factory before your vehicle even reached the streets or a dealership.

What to Expect When Using OEM Parts

Shopping for OEM parts saves you time — in most cases, you only have one brand and type to choose from.

As far as the quality goes, OEM parts are the most reliable for your auto repairs. After all, it’s the same quality as the original part you’re replacing. So, if you have already driven more than 50,000 miles, it’s reasonable to expect your new part will take you another 50,000 miles or farther.

Also, keep in mind that most Mazda OEM parts are covered by the Mazda Extended Confidence Warranty. We’ll touch on this more in a second, but for now, know that this means most of your OEM parts have warranty protection.

Auto parts being added at Werner Mazda in Manchester, NH

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are any car parts that aren’t sourced from the original manufacturer — so, if you drive a Mazda, the part isn’t officially from Mazda’s factory.

In most cases, aftermarket parts are less expensive than OEM parts. But remember, you get what you pay for. And in many cases, the quality is questionable. Do you really want to take that gamble when it comes to your car? Sure, you can find some aftermarket timing belts at a lower price than what Mazda offers. But will that timing belt take you thousands of miles down the road? Or will it break after a couple of months? And remember, these parts are not covered by warranties; when something goes wrong, you’ll need to buy a new part at full price. And at that point, do you really save any money?

When shopping for aftermarket parts, you’ll also come across a massive selection. But again, that’s not necessarily a good thing. After all, you’ll now need to spend countless and valuable hours researching brands and reviews. And again, quality is never guaranteed. You never know when you’ll come across shady brands that do more harm than good to your Mazda.

Mazda Extended Confidence Warranty with OEM Parts

When you own a Mazda, one of the perks of buying OEM parts is that your parts are covered by Mazda’s Extended Confidence Warranty.

This warranty offers you coverage for parts and auto repairs after your original warranty expires. You’re covered for almost all the same parts that you’ll find in Mazda’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty. It’s also accepted at dealerships across the country.

Should You Buy Aftermarket or OEM?

When shopping for parts for your Mazda, do you want guaranteed quality and warranty coverage? Or do you prefer gambling with your wallet and car performance?

When it comes to OEM parts, you know it’s always a safe bet. You’re getting the same quality as the parts Mazda installed in your car in the factory that has already carried you this far. And with warranty coverage, do you really have anything to lose?

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