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Yes, Oil Changes Really Are That Important

Many of our customers still believe we're more interested in selling new cars than anything else. That couldn't be farther from the truth. The entire staff of Werner Mazda understands cars are major investments for our clients, and we're all dedicated to ensuring you always have the best driving experience possible in your Mazda. That's why we stress the importance of making sure you're up to date on all of your oil change services.

The obvious reason for getting your oil change in Manchester, NH is to protect your vehicle's engine. Clean oil will allow any engine to keep running better for longer. Yes, today's vehicles are designed for years of service, but Manchester oil change services are an important part of ensuring you get the most value from your automobile investment.

When you schedule an oil change for your Mazda 3, 6, CX-5 or any other Mazda vehicle at our service center in Manchester, it provides us with the opportunity to spot other potential problems with your vehicle. Whether that potential issue is an alignment problem or a worn serpentine belt, we'll let you know what's happening and what steps should be taken to resolve both current and potential problems. That means our clients will be less likely to experience issues at inopportune times and save money down the road. 

Take Advantage of Specials to Save Money

Another of the many advantages Werner Mazda customers enjoy is access to our many service specials. Since the specials vary throughout the year, it pays to stay on top of our many service deals. If you've got any questions about our current specials, feel free to contact our service team to find out how to take advantage of the current offers.

Discuss Major Issues with Our Team Before Making Decisions

Even though Mazdas are some the best engineered vehicles on the road, even they need repairs eventually. Normal wear and tear mean even the best engines and transmissions will require rebuilding or replacing. If you've reached the point where significant repairs are needed, discuss the pros and cons of repairing a current vehicle or trading it for a new one with our team before you make any decisions. You might be surprised at how affordable even a major engine repair can be.

Whether it's for a Mazda CX-5 oil change or a transmission rebuild, give the Werner Mazda service experts a call for advice or to schedule an appointment. We're here six days a week to make sure you can always schedule the service your Mazda needs.